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Refresh 700 Base Cabinet Vending Machine

The Refresh 700 is a fully automatic and high capacity drinks machine in a space saving, table top format. It combines the ease of use of a traditional automatic, together with the total convenience of in-cup products.

Fully programmable, the machine is easily adjusted to accommodate individual client’s requirements.

For the ultimate in user choice and convenience, this feature packed, fully automatic table-top machine offers a wide choice of 10 delicious and refreshing hot drinks from a huge capacity of over 700 cups!

Obtaining a drink is simplicity itself. Fully automatic operation delivers the users choice to the illuminated cup station, whereupon the electronically controlled sliding door opens to present the finished drink.

Hot water as standard, both ambient and refrigerated cold water options are available.

Sugar and water buttons provided for user choice or can be programmed for one touch operation.

Electronically controlled and fully automatic internal sugar dispenser, available for either pre-packed bottle or large size refillable jar.

Free vend machine as standard.

Can be specified to have electronic coin mechanism or full change-giver.

Price of each drink choice can be individually set.

I-Key cashless payment system compatible.

High pressure water dispense and patented water nozzle for excellent drink mix.

Incredibly user-friendly, very high capacity, fully automatic machine in a table top format.

Illuminated and electronically controlled cup station with motorised door.

Digital credit display with full audit facility to monitor the number and value of drinks taken.

Perfectly interfaces with IceBreak can vendor for total refreshment solution.

Refresh 700 Base Cabinet Vending Machine

Quick Specification

  • Selections : 10
  • In-cup (73mm) : 74 per selection = 740 cups total
  • Sugar : pre-packed bottle (1 ltr) or large refillable jar (1.8 ltr)

Dimensions (WxHxD)
  • Machine : 780mm x 1000mm x 450mm
  • Cabinet (optional) : 780mm x 950mm x 620mm
  • Machine & Cabinet : 780mm x 1950mm x 620mm

  • Machine : 74Kg
  • Machine (with optional water chiller) : 85Kg
  • Cabinet : 32Kg