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Refresh 1400 Floor Standing Vending Machine

Presenting the ultimate in convenient and cost effective vending, the all new Refresh 1400 is designed to satisfy today’s demanding user with a delicious array of hot & cold beverages. Despite its unrivalled capacity, this superbly engineered machine occupies just 0.4 square metres of floor space.

The enormous capacity of the Refresh 1400 means it can handle even the most demanding of applications with ease. Offering a wide choice of up to 15 primary selections, with further taste options of sugar, hot/cold and even carbonated water, this fully automatic, floor standing machine is the perfect refreshment solution for larger sites.

Obtaining a drink is simplicity itself. The fully automatic transfer mechanism collects the chosen product from the huge capacity storage area and delivers it effortlessly to the illuminated cup station where water is added. The electronically controlled security door then lifts to present the finished drink.

Hot water as standard.

Ambient, refrigerated and carbonated cold water options are available.

Sugar and water taste options can be made available to enhance users choice or alternatively the machine can be programmed for one touch operation.

High capacity sugar dispenser.

Free vend machine as standard.

Can be specified to have electronic coin mechanism or full change-giver.

Price of each drink choice can be individually set.

Separately lockable cash box.

I-Key cashless payment system compatible.

Full specification machine offers 10 in-cup, 4 syrup based and 1 cold water drink choices.

Cold drinks can be served in differing cup sizes for larger portions and improved presentation.

Incredibly user friendly, unrivalled capacity, robust and dependable floor standing machine occupies just 0.4 square metres of floor space!

Perfectly interfaces with the SnackBreak snack machine for the total refreshment solution.

Refresh 1400 Floor Standing Vending Machine

Quick Specification

  • Selections :10 selections in-cup (71, 73 or 76mm options)
  • Standard capacity : 880 cups
  • With capacity upgrade : 1280 cups
  • Empty cup dispenser for cold drinks capacity : 220 cups
  • Syrup : 4 x 5 ltr bottles
  • Sugar : Huge 7.5 ltr capacity hopper

Dimensions (WxHxD)
  • Machine : 610mm x 1850mm x 650mm

  • Machine : 160Kg
  • Machine (with optional water chiller) : 185Kg